About Us

Hello sailing fans and welcome to the Castaways Sailing Club website. We are a private club based in beautiful North Palm Beach, Florida and are dedicated to sailboat owners who love to race and cruise.

We have many activities including, monthly races, raft ups, get togethers and of course our premier event, The Annual Castaway Cup Sailboat Race.


The mission of The Castaways shall be to develop, encourage and stimulate interest in sailing in the Palm Beach area, to promote fellowship and camaraderie among sailors of this area and promote the interest of its members.

Requirements for membership: From Article III, Sec. 3.

A candidate for Membership must have an interest in sailing and an operable keel sail boat. On rare occasions, a person, who has provided and will continue to provide valuable contribution to the club sailing events, may be considered for membership. All candidates must have attended at least two regular events of the Association as a guest of a current member; be proposed for membership by two current members of the Association; have filed a completed application form with the Membership Committee, completed requirements set forth by the Membership Committee and paid the appropriate fees and assessments when accepted pursuant to Article VI hereof. The Board of Directors shall vote on candidates for Membership and a simple majority of the Board shall be required to elect a candidate to Membership.


Officers and Committee Chairs 2018

Commodore            :      Brian M Beaver

Vice Commodore    :      Don Dillon

Past Commodore    :      Peter Dalton

Secretary                  :      Martha Dyal

Treasurer                  :      Elizabeth Anne Dalton

Director                     :      Bob Gebbia

Director                     :      Gordon Rowse

Cruising                     :       Don Chalaire

Membership             :       Maxine Arscott

Race                           :       Hank Copeland

Quartermaster        :       Sandy Smith

Social                        :        Denise Hartman

Webmaster              :        Cal Landau